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Drain Cleaning & Repair Hollywood CA

With so much to see and do in Hollywood, CA, you probably don’t want to spend a whole lot of time thinking about drain cleaning & repair. You’d rather be out getting your picture taken in front of the Hollywood Sign or taking a tour of Universal Studios. However, you do need to devote at least a little bit of time to getting drain cleaning & repair. By cleaning your drains when they start to slow down, you can prevent serious clogs or drain backups that will be much more costly to fix.

We Do All Types of Drain Cleaning & Repair

There are plenty of reasons you might need drain cleaning & repair. For example, you might have developed clogs because of excess food particles or grease collecting in your kitchen pipes and drains. Or, you might have a slow-draining sink or tub that is clogged with hair. A skilled plumber from Ritz Plumbing can not only fix these problems, but also provide tips that will help you keep the clogs from recurring. In addition to clearing drains inside your home, we can also perform drain cleaning & repair outside the home. For example, we can also use our drain cleaning tools to clear leaves and debris out of your storm drain or cut invasive roots out of your sewer line.

Tools for Drain Cleaning & Repair

We urge you not to use chemical drain cleaners in an attempt to unclog your drains. Instead, call us for professional drain cleaning & repair using specialized drain cleaning tools and drain cleaning machines. We can use a drain cleaning snake to push stubborn clogs through your pipes, or a sewer auger to cut up clogs into more manageable pieces. Because our technicians are fully trained and experienced in the use of these drain cleaning tools, they can perform the fast and effective drain cleaning & repair you need, without resorting to potentially dangerous chemicals.

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