Quality Leak Detection From Your Plumbers At Ritz!

Leak detection in Hollywood, CA

Hollywood, CA became the center of the American movie industry by the early 1920s. Today you can commemorate the history of entertainment in Hollywood, CA by visiting attractions like the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But while it can be a thrill to experience the history of movies, if the plumbing in your Hollywood, CA home or business behaves like a historical artifact from the golden age of film, it’s time for a fix. Don’t tolerate dripping, leaking water; contact the pros at Ritz Plumbing for leak detection services.

High-Tech Approach to Leak Detection

At Ritz Plumbing we use every tool at our disposal to locate and fix your leak. In cases where the source of the leak is not obvious, first we look for the effects of the leak, like standing water in your lawn, foundation cracks, or warm spots in your concrete slab. Then we work backwards to find the source of the leak using high-tech leak detection equipment. For example, we can use microphones and amplifiers to track the sounds of dripping or running water, and once we locate the leaky pipe we can use an in-line camera to search the length of that pipe for holes and cracks. All of our technicians have extensive training in these leak detection techniques.

We Repair All Types of Leaks Found via Leak Detection

No matter what type of problem our leak detection equipment uncovers, we can provide an effective, long-lasting repair. We can repair wall leaks, slab leaks, and even sewer line leaks. Because our leak detection equipment gives us such an accurate picture of the problem, we know exactly where to access the pipe and we can fix all types of leaks with minimal disturbance to your home. We can even perform leak detection and repairs while you are away from home or after hours at your business, to further minimize any inconvenience you or your company may experience.

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