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Sewer Cleaning & Repair Hollywood CA

Most people associate Hollywood, CA with movies, but Hollywood, CA has also played an important role in the music scene over the years. In the 1980s, Hollywood was the epicenter of Glam Metal, with bands like Guns N Roses shocking mainstream American with their devil-may-care, drug-and-alcohol fueled lifestyle. If your home’s plumbing is starting to shock you with its lackadaisical performance, you need sewer cleaning & repair from Ritz Plumbing.

How to Tell if You Need Sewer Cleaning & Repair

Unfortunately, many people don’t notice that they need sewer cleaning & repair until their sewer line gets completely backed up, resulting in toilets that won’t flush, sinks that won’t drain, and perhaps even basement drains that back up with sewage. In order to prevent these nasty situations from occurring, try to look for some of these earlier signs that you may need sewer cleaning & repair: smelly plumbing, recurring drainage problems, and foul smells or extra-green grass near your sewer line.

24-Hour Sewer Cleaning & Repair Service

If you have even the slightest suspicion that you need sewer cleaning & repair, contact Ritz Plumbing right away. Our skilled technicians will come to your aid any time, day or night, in order to assess the problem and determine what repairs may be necessary. By acting quickly, we can often perform sewer cleaning & repair to fix your problem before it has a chance to create a huge mess in your home. We can not only clean out your pipes, but can use sewer line cameras to pinpoint any cracks or weak spots in the pipe. Then, we can use trenchless techniques to replace damaged pipe sections without digging up your yard or flooring. Remember, if you want effective sewer cleaning & repair with minimal disruption to your daily life, we’re the ones to call.

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