Leaks Under Your House – The Invisible Disaster

In Huntington Beach, not everyone has a basement. If your home is sitting on top of a slab, there is one plumbing problem worse than any other: under slab leaks. Leak detection is a tricky science, and slab leak repair a difficult, time-consuming process. Water leaks under the concrete can cause many disasters. The water will pool, softening the ground, and the home could shift on its foundation, for example. The concrete could crack, as well, and cause further instability. Left to its own devices, a major under slab leak could even result in a possibly deadly sinkhole. Do not take any chances! We have a hand-picked team of leak detection experts to assist you.

We have the latest detection equipment. Although hot water leaks are easy to find by simply walking around in your bare feet, most leaks are not that easy to find. Our detection system pumps helium through the pipes under your floor; then, our specialists walk the floor with a device that will detect even the slightest amount of helium, marking the spot of the leak. This system is guaranteed to find almost any leak. Once our technicians find the leak, they will use all systems at their disposal to ensure minimal damage to your flooring and the concrete beneath it.

Do not delay. If you have, or even suspect, a leak under your slab, call us. We are ready 24 hours a day to come to your rescue!

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