When your sink backs up, it is not always a monstrous job requiring heavy drain cleaning machines. You might just be able to handle it yourself. Drain cleaning is a fairly simple process. For example, to remove hair from a shower drain, all you need is a flexisnake drain cleaning tool. Unclogging your kitchen drain requires only a mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Just be sure to put the baking soda into the drain first before adding the vinegar! If the

Surf City Drain Cleaning – Home Remedies

clog is a little more stubborn, use a drain cleaning bladder to expand the pipe gently. As a last resort, add a little salt to the baking soda and mix the vinegar with boiling water. If, despite your best efforts, the clog remains, it is time to call in the cavalry. We will schlep our heavy-duty equipment to your place and put our powerful drain cleaning tools to work.

There are some jobs, though, that are too tough for you to handle by yourself. In Irvine, several tributaries of San Diego Creek flow through the flat valley surrounding the city. If these rivers swell when it rains excessively, it could cause sewer problems. Never attempt home remedies for sewer repair. Storm drain cleaning is a tough job for seasoned professionals. Our technicians are top experts in sewer and drain cleaning; therefore, to fix your sewer problem, you should rely on our experience.

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