Leaks Cause Damage. We Stop That.

As an Irvine resident, you work hard to maintain your home. If your plumbing system develops a leak, though, it can cause water damage that could damage your carpets, underlayment, and floor joists. Severe leaks can even cause cracks in your slab or basement foundation.

That’s why leak detection services are important. Ritz Plumbing offers a wide range of leak detection services to help prevent leaks from causing water damage and compromising the stability of your home’s structure. Our technicians use sophisticated equipment such as helium detection systems to find minor leaks before they turn into big problems.

Our highly trained professionals can even locate leaks in areas where they might otherwise go unnoticed. This includes under slab leaks and ruptures in your pool supply lines.

We also have the tools and experience to quickly repair most leaks. In most cases, our experts can repair pipe and drain leaks within a few hours so that you can get back to your daily routine. Of course, some services such as slab leak repair might take a bit longer.

Ritz Plumbing has provided Irvine residents with leak detection and repair services since 1931. We only hire professionals who have undergone extensive training to ensure the highest quality of service. Ritz Plumbing even offers emergency service 24 hours a day!

Whether you live in Portola Springs, East Irvine, or Turtle Ridge, you can count on Ritz Plumbing to take care of your plumbing repair needs. Contact us today to book your no-hassle appointment!

We also provide the following services to Irvine: