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24 Hour Plumbing

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Job Type: 24 Hour Plumbing | Job Location: McCarty Dr., 90212
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a client who was experiencing flood-like waters in her basement. She did not know where the water was coming from and was concerned for the protection of her valuables and furniture.


We know how important emergency issues can be so our 24 hour plumber responded within the hour. We surveyed the situation and determined that the excess water was the result of a clogged sewer drain. We asked the customer if she had been experiencing delaying flushes or prolonged refilling times when she used her toilet, and she reported that she had experienced difficulty earlier that day.


We used state-of-the-art equipment and technology to locate the source of the problem. Our technician found that the best method to find the clog was to thread a camera into the drainage system rather than begin digging in areas simply to guess where the issue began. After locating the clog, the technician was able to quickly and efficiently restore the sewer system with minimal damage to the customer’s property. She was happy to know that we took the effort to accurately find the troubled area before we started to rectify the problem.

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