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Job Type: 24 Hour Plumber | Job Location: Sierra Ave., 92334
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a frantic call from a homeowner in the wee hours of the morning as she awoke to hear water running. She checked her basement and found that a pipe had burst, pouring water into the area.


We immediately dispatched a technician to her residence. Our technician asked the homeowner whether she was experiencing any other symptoms and she had admitted that she had had difficulty flushing her toilet earlier that morning and that it took longer than usual for the bowl to refill.


The technician determined that the source of the problem was most likely a clogged sewer line. He was able to locate the clog using an inline camera. He shut off the main water supply to the home and used a snake in the drain to clear out the blockage and resume flow. He asked the homeowner to show him which toilet was giving her problems to verify that the bowl would refill at its normal rate. After making sure that the water flow was restored and the leaking had stopped in the basement, the technician discussed the homeowner’s options for restoration following the water damage.

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