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Yard Debris

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Job Type: Drain Cleaning Repair | Job Location: Baker St., 92626
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Customer Symptoms:

Following a late summer clean up, we received a request from a tenant who had been sweeping leaves and grass out of his garage. He had knocked the storm grate loose on the drain pipe while working and did not notice it until after he moved a sizeable pile of debris across the floor.


After cleaning, the tenant had attempted to wash his car in the garage but found that the drain was not allowing for water to run out of the space. We sent a technician to his residence to determine if he could clean out the drain and restore water flow.


After removing the grate cover, the technician fed a snake auger into the drain and moved it in a circular motion in an attempt to break up the clog. After numerous attempts and pulling the equipment in and out of the drain, the technician was able to successfully clear the blockage. He pulled up the leaves and gunk that had fallen into the pipe, and the tenant disposed of the debris into a nearby trashcan. After finishing, the technician poured water into the drain to check and make sure the problem was fixed.

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