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A Simple Clogged Toilet

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Job Type: Clogged Toilet | Job Location: Main St, Santa Monica, 90405
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer called us to let us know that their toilet was clogged. The homeowner had attempted to use a plunger, but it would not work. In addition, the homeowner had lifted the tank lid and lifted the flapper valve to make the water go down, but it still didn’t work.


Our plumber arrived at the home and did the usual inspections, including using the plunger and lifting the flapper. After the water failed to go down, the technician noted they would need to inspect the drain itself and uninstall the toilet.


Our technician unhooked the water supply, unscrewed the mounting ring and removed the toilet. After inspecting the drain, the technician snaked and cleaned out the drain, which was in poor condition. The drain was completely clogged from a buildup of flushed away items. The technician then re-installed the toilet and tested the flush mechanic several times. The homeowner called back several days later to report that there were no more issues with the toilet.

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