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A Whistling Faucet

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Job Type: Faucet Repair | Job Location: W. Olive St., 92882
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a request from a homeowner complaining of loud shrilling sounds coming from his kitchen sink. He was concerned that the noise could be indicative of a potentially serious and expensive repair.


We assured the homeowner that whistling or shrilling noises from faucets is relatively common and that there was no need to panic. Upon arrival, the technician reinforced these statements and told the homeowner that it could be as simple as a clogged, loose or broken washer.


After checking the faucet and verifying that the unit was, in fact, noisy, the technician turned off the main water supply to the home. While the washer was as tight on the fixture as could be, the technician saw that the seat was clogged with small particles. He explained to the homeowner that, over time, residue and grime can build up and restrict water flow out of the faucet, causing a shrill noise. The technician used a small brush to clear the seat of grime and dirt and replaced it back into the faucet. The homeowner was very grateful that the technician was able to solve the problem so quickly, and he thanked him for performing a simple fix instead of recommending a complete pipe or faucet repair instead.

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