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Alhambra – Earthquake Valves Job

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Job Type: Earthquake Valves | Job Location: E. Adams Ave., Alhambra, CA
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Customer Symptoms:

Located near Martha Baldwin Elementary School, a homeowner called us to inquire as to whether we were trained to install earthquake valves for insurance purposes. We informed him that we had several trained technicians ready and available to install the valves.


After meeting the homeowner at his residence, the technician found that excess flow valves had previously been installed on the property. However, the insurance company only covered residences with motion-sensing caged balls, so the technician needed to change out the valves.


After ensuring the gas lines were turned off, the technician removed the original excess flow valve. He was able to successfully install the motion-sensing caged ball that would let a ball fall into the gas pipe to prevent the flow of gas should an earthquake occur. The trained technician made sure that the new valve was installed close to the building to reduce the risk of malfunctions. He restored gas service to the property, and the homeowner thanked him before the technician left.

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