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Broken Dishwasher Latch

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Job Type: Dishwashers | Job Location: East Jackson Ave., 92867
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a homeowner who was having difficulty closing her dishwasher door. Her child had been playing in the kitchen and had fallen backward into the unit, but now the unit was not turning on. The homeowner was concerned that her dishwasher needed to be replaced.


Rather than jump to a more expensive conclusion, our technician noticed that the latch on the door of the dishwasher was not working properly. He explained to the homeowner that if the dishwasher does not latch, then the alignment is off and the dishwasher would not run.


While latch issues often occur over time, the homeowner’s son had stumbled into it with enough force that it loosened the connection. The technician assured the homeowner that it would be an easy problem to solve, and he did so by simply loosening the latch screws to move the latch back to its original position. After he verified that the latch was properly placed, he tightened the screws to secure the piece and closed the dishwasher door. Before leaving the residence, he checked to make sure the dishwasher would turn on. The homeowner thanked him for saving her from an expensive appliance purchase that was not needed.

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