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Clogged Drains In Home

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Job Type: Drain Repair | Job Location: Butler Ave., 90025
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer was in dire need of a plumber who could respond immediately to a clogged drain. The client had unfortunately waited to call us until the drain stopped working completely.


The client had tried numerous methods to repair the drain himself but was becoming increasingly frustrated as he could not locate the source of the problem.


The technician determined that because a plunger could not remove the clog, the drain was most likely completely blocked. He explained to the client that in these cases, it is better not to use chemicals because they may harm fixtures even more; most often, snakes or auger equipment are required to unblock the drain. Our technician was able to use a drain-and-trap auger that allowed him to find the clog and pull it out, thus restoring proper drain flow without further damage to the fixture. The client was thankful that the technician had the equipment necessary to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

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