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Commercial Plumber

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Job Type: Commercial Plumber | Job Location: Main St., 92605
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a business owner who was reportedly experiencing slow flushing from a toilet in his facility.


After learning that the toilet was located in the women’s restroom, our technician went to work to determine the cause of the clog. The business owner had attempted to use store-bought cleaners to remove the blockage.


The technician used a plumber’s auger and worked his way into the drain. He was attempting to move farther down the pipe when he hit a block. He asked the business owner how long the toilet had been clogged, and the business owner admitted that it had been backed up and flushing poorly for over two weeks. The technician twisted the auger into the drain and pulled out four feminine hygiene products. He assumed that one had gotten stuck and that, as more women used the restroom, the block began to build. After removing the products, the technician tested the fixture to ensure proper flushing speed was restored.

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