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Commercial Plumber

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Job Type: Commercial Plumber | Job Location: Purdue Ave., 90025
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Customer Symptoms:

A restaurant owner called our professionals to find out if we knew how to install an electric hand dryer in his restrooms. He had recently remodeled his business and was looking to add a hand dryer option while still providing paper towels for his customers.


Our technician first had to determine what model of dryer the client had purchased and whether it was compatible at his location. He made sure that he had a variety of fasteners available to ensure the unit would remain in place for an extended period of time.


Once the technician verified that he could complete the job, he removed the cover of the dryer and attached the wall plate to the wall with the fasteners. The client had expressed concern about vandalism so the technician installed extra fasteners to be on the safe side. Once the unit was mounted, the technician was able to connect the electrical wiring using a #14 gauge copper wire and replace the cover. He tested the dryer to make sure it was placed properly.

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