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Dip Tube Damaged on Water Heater

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Job Type: Hot Water Heater | Job Location: Morgan Ave, Los Angeles, 90011
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner contacted us to report that they were not getting enough hot water. The homeowner said that the temperature was good initially but would sharply fall off, and there would be no more hot water after a few minutes in the shower.


The technician examined a few of the outlets in the home, including the shower and kitchen sink, and found that the hot water issue was present throughout the home. The technician then examined the hot water tank in the basement and found that the dip tube was damaged.


The technician recommended replacing the dip tube, and the customer was open to the idea. Water tanks built between 1993 and 1997 often purchased defective dip tubes that broke easily. The dip tube was not functioning as intended, which was to direct cold water to the bottom of the tank, resulting in the loss of hot water. Our technician was able to quickly bring a replacement part and install the new dip tube. Once installed, all the outlets were reviewed, and there were no more hot water issues in the home.

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