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Dirty Dishwasher Dishes

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Job Type: Dishwasher Repair | Job Location: Revere Ave., 92831
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a stay-at-home parent who had noticed that his dishwasher wasn’t working. He had purchased different liquids and soaps, but there was still white residue and food particles on the dishes after the unit completed a cycle.


The technician first made sure that the pipes and hoses were properly attached and that the electricity running to the dishwasher was working. He wanted to narrow down the cause because many different factors can make a dishwasher malfunction.


After running numerous tests, the technician narrowed down the cause of poor cleaning to improper water flow into the unit. He saw that the inlet valve that allowed water to enter the unit was clogged, so hot water was unable to flow into the dishwasher to clean the dishes. The technician was able to successfully remove the worn valve and replace it with a new one. He tested a load of dishes to make sure that the unit was working.

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