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Job Type: Dishwashers | Job Location: Hargis St., 90034
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Customer Symptoms:

A client called us detailing an issue with her dishwasher. She had tried numerous soaps and tablets, but her dishwasher wasn't cleaning the dishes thoroughly.


We sent a technician to her residence who verified that the dishwasher was installed correctly and that the main water valve was turned on to ensure proper water pressure throughout the home.


The technician first checked and made sure that the circulation pump was functioning before he examined the water inlet valve. He explained to the client that the water inlet valve should open to allow hot water into the unit. However, the technician noticed that the valve was clogged and determined that this was the source of her dishwasher malfunction. Due to the significant amount of damage and clogging, the technician was unable to repair the water inlet valve, but he was able to replace the fixture with a new model. The technician turned the water back on to the home and ran the dishwasher to ensure that the problem was fixed.

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