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Drain Cleaning and Repair

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Job Type: Drain Cleaning Repair | Job Location: Preston Way, 90291
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Customer Symptoms:

A client called us to ask us if there was any way to unclog the drain in her garage. The strainer was not completely secured on the drain hole when she had been sweeping the garage early, and she reported that she had accidently swept leaves and grass clippings into the pipe.


The technician was dispatched to her location to assist her and to determine if the drain needed to be cleaned or if the clog was due to a blockage that was beyond repair.


Our technician first removed the strainer from the drain and fed a cable into the drain pipe. He was then able to plug in the power augur near the drain. The technician set it to function in a clockwise motion and turned on the unit before pushing into the drain. Once he located the source of resistance, he repeatedly pulled the cable out and placed it back into the drain until he was able to successfully break up the clog. He ensured the drain was clean by pouring three buckets of hot water into the pipe.

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