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Drain Cleaning Repair

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Job Type: Drain Cleaning Repair | Job Location: Maryland Dr., 90048
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer was suffering from a clogged drain and had decided to try to solve the problem with an over-the-country drain cleaner and inexpensive drain snake. Unfortunately, the client was unable to clear the drain using these methods and called our professionals for assistance.


Store-bought drain cleaners can be extremely corrosive and can cause such damage to the pipes that they often need to be replaced. Instead of using harmful chemicals right away, our technician surveyed the situation to determine the best method for repairing the drain.


Our technician fed a snake into the drain, turning the handle once he felt the location of the clog. By using this method repeatedly, he was able to loosen the clog enough so that he could restore proper water flow down the pipe. Once the drain was clean, the technician discussed methods with the client that should and shouldn’t be used in the future should the situation arise again. The client was appreciative not only for the job performed but also the time the technician took to give him valuable advice.

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