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Drain Repair

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Job Type: Drain Repair | Job Location: Cavendish Dr., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

A frantic homeowner called us to report that her bathroom sink drain pipe was leaking everywhere in the cabinet underneath the bowl. She admitted that she had never touched a pipe before in her life, so she was less than confident that she could repair it herself.


The technician met the homeowner and was directed to the source of the leak. He used a flashlight under the sink while he ran the faucet water to pinpoint the location. After he failed to see a leak, he used paper towels around each connection to determine the source of the water


Our technician inspected the fitting and determined that it was loose, causing the water to drip out. He was able to tighten the couplings to remove the moisture, yet the leak was not yet fixed. The technician unscrewed the coupling to detach the joint and cleaned both sides of the pipe threads with a clean cloth. He then replaced the old fittings and gaskets before reassembling the pipe. After running the water again and inspecting the pipes simultaneously, the technician verified that the problem had been fixed.

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