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Earthquake Valve Installation

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Job Type: Earthquake Valve Installation | Job Location: Richland Ave., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer called us to find out if we provided earthquake valve installation services. She said she had recently switched insurance companies and her new provider is requesting that all homes be installed with a current earthquake valve.


We met the customer at her home and discussed the different earthquake valves from which she could choose – a natural gas seismic shut-off valve and an excess flow valve. The customer decided on a motion sensing caging ball that consisted of a ball on top of a ring nestled on a pipe. We explained that in cases of earthquakes of seismic activities, the ball will roll off the ring and clog the pipe, thus preventing gas flow.


We arranged for gas service to be cut off before we began installation to ensure that the project would be completed safely. Our technician placed the valve on the houseline and installed fittings as required, up to an including the last tee connecting the houseline. When the technician finished, he called to restore gas service to the home. The customer thanked us for our promptness and was appreciative of the extent to which we explained her options.

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