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Earthquake Valves

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Job Type: Earthquake Valves | Job Location: Location: Rose Ave., Los Angeles, 90066
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call that a customer was told by his insurance company that he needed to install an earthquake valve at his home.


We visited the customer’s home to evaluate and determine which type of gas valve we needed to employ. One valve uses a motion-sensing ball while the other uses a senor that detects excessive levels of gas due to line breaks and shuts off current gas services.


We discussed the options with the customer and decided to install the motion-sensing ball at his residence. We explained that the ball in the valve will sit on a ring on top of the pipe opening. When seismic action occurs, the ball will fall into the opening to restrict the flow of gas into the home. The customer was satisfied with the installation and thanked us for taking the time to work through each option with him.

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