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Emergency Plumber Needed

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Job Type: Emergency Plumber | Job Location: Idaho Ave., 90025
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a customer in the wee hours of the morning that her house had flooded with foul-smelling, contaminated water and she was concerned about the extent of the damage.


We dispatched an emergency plumber to her location immediately to assess the situation. A technician determined that the sewer lines were blocked, leading to the overflow of putrid water.


The technician asked the customer if she had been experiencing slower-than-normal drain flow or if she had heard gurgling sounds coming from the pipes when she flushed the toilet. She acknowledged that she had experienced both of those situations. After eliminating a blocked vent as a possible cause, our technician was able to use a miniature camera to inspect the sewer pipes. He was able to accurately locate the clog and then fed an auger into the sewer line to clear the blockage.

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