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Faucet Issues

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Job Type: Faucets & Sinks | Job Location: Cloverfield Court, 90405
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a business owner worried that his faucet needed to be replaced. He had been experiencing numerous leaks over the course of a few weeks, and he had tried everything to fix the problem.


Our technician determined that he would be able to quickly and efficiently replace the faucet for the client. He first had to make sure that the new unit would cover the mounting holes from the old faucet.


The technician moved the old faucet and cleaned around the mounting area. He applied putty around the base and attached the spray hose of the new faucet. He guided the hose through the opening in the assembly, up through the opening on the sink itself and attached it to the supply stub. The technician took steps to ensure that the new faucet was assembled correctly and tightened the washers and nuts to mount it to the sink. He was then able to reconnect the water supply lines properly and tested the hot and cold water to ensure the faucet was working without leaking.

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