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Faucet Repair

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Job Type: Faucet Repair | Job Location: Pacific St., 90405
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Customer Symptoms:

A client called us noting an issue with his faucet. After he had brushed his teeth the previous night, he had turned the faucet off and went to bed. When he woke up in the morning, he noticed that the faucet was steadily dripping water.


Concerned about his water bill and possibly damaged faucet, the client needed a technician to come to his home and fix the problem quickly.


The technician met with the client and explained that the dripping was caused by seepage from the home’s water supply. There must always be a watertight seal that holds the water back when the handle is turned off. However, in the client’s case, the seal was not functioning properly, allowing water to drip through the faucet. The technician turned off the water supply and removed the faucet handle to examine the faucet assembly. He then removed the screw that held the washer and was able to replace the washer with a new one. He reattached the screw, handle and turned the water back on in the home and tested the faucet for leaks.

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