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Faucet Repair

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Job Type: Faucet Repair | Job Location: Flower Ave., 90291
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner called to inform us that his faucet was making whistling sounds when he used them. Although he had recently purchased the home, he had only began to notice the sounds the day before he contacted us.


We discussed the possible causes with the client and explained that a loose or insufficiently sized washer could lead to a noisy faucet. Before we decided to completely repair the unit, the technician decided to investigate the washers first.


The technician turned off the water supply and tightened the washer only to find that it would still whistle. He then noticed that the washer seat had become closed with residue, thus restricting the flow of water. The technician was able to clean the seat in order to stop the whistling. The customer was satisfied with the job and said he was thankful that we had decided to test the less severe and less expensive repair options prior to deciding to perform a complete faucet replacement.

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