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Faucets & Sinks

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Job Type: Faucets & Sinks | Job Location: La Salle Ave., 90232
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Customer Symptoms:

A business owner called us complaining of a noisy faucet. He said that his employees and clients were suffering and that the shrill noise was interfering with his productivity.


When the technician met with the client, he heard the whistling sound coming from the faucet and knew that he had to fix this problem soon for everybody’s sanity and peace of mind.


Before beginning, the technician turned off the water supply to the business. He removed the faucet handle and tried to tighten the washer to eliminate the noise. However, after testing his progress, he was met with an ear-shattering scream. The technician then decided to check the washer seat. He found that the seat had become closed with residue, and it was the restricted water flow that was causing the whistling noises. After cleaning and reattaching the seat, the technician turned the water flow back on and was thankfully met with silence. The business owner and his employees were very thankful that they could finally work without the noisy distraction.

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