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Garbage Disposal Repair

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Job Type: Garbage Disposal Repair | Job Location: Lorenzo Dr., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner contacted us claiming that his garbage disposal was leaking. He had never encountered his problem before and was not sure how to fix it.


Our technician met the homeowner and, after testing the garbage disposal, determined that there could be a leak at the ink flange or at the dishwasher connection.


The technician turned off power to the garbage disposal and removed the unit from the mounting flange by turning it to the left. As the technician had guessed, the three mounting bolts were not securely in place and were the cause of the leaks. The technician tightened the mounting bolts and re installed the disposal. At the service panel, the technician then turned the power back on and checked the unit for leaks. Before leaving the residence, the technician also checked to make sure that the dishwasher hose was tightly connected to the dishwasher inlet to ensure that the homeowner would not experience any more leaks.

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