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Garbage Disposer Installation

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Job Type: Garbage Disposer Installation | Job Location: Cheviot Dr., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

A frantic mother contacted us to request that we install a garbage disposer in her home. With four kids and a working husband, she often found herself scrapping food into her trashcan. She mentioned that it may make her life less hectic to be able to rinse her dishes quickly in the sink before placing them in the dishwasher.


Our technician met with the client who had pre-purchased a unit for installation. He noted that the disposer had already came attached with an appliance cord.


The technician began by applying plumber’s putty underneath the drain flange and inserting the flange into the drain hole. He was able to move under the sink to install the mounting ring, fiber gasket and backup ring. He mounted the disposer to the ring and connected the outlet to the p-trap. He then attached the unit to the drain line and installed the discharge pipe to the disposer. After he finished, he tightened the mounting lug to ensure that the unit was fixed properly in place and ran water into the sink while running the disposer to check for leaks.

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