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Garbage Disposer Installation

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Job Type: Garbage Disposer Installation | Job Location: Pico Place South, 90405
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner called us to see if we would install a garbage disposer in her kitchen sink. She had grown increasingly frustrated with her young children continuously dumping food and particles into the train and wanted to provide a better solution for her family.


We first wanted to ensure that there would be power to the garbage disposer so that it could properly operate. After confirming that there was an electrical source, the technician decided he could efficiently and correctly install the disposer.


The technician first prepared the disposer by connecting the wires and applying plumber’s putty to the underside of the drain. He was then able to insert the flange directly into the hole to secure it. The technician had to install the mounting ring, fiber gasket and backup ring before he was able to mount the disposer. Once the disposer was in place, the technician connected the outlet to the p-trap and tightened the lugs to secure it. The technician made sure the unit was working properly before he left the residence.

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