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Garbage Disposer Repair Was Needed

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Job Type: Garbage Disposers | Job Location: Cresta Dr., 90035
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner called us to report that his garbage disposer was not functioning at all. He had attempted to run the unit and was surprised when the “on” switch did absolutely nothing.


Our technician determined that the impellers in the disposer encountered an obstruction, causing the motor to shut itself off.


Before beginning to repair the garbage disposer, the technician made sure that power was shut off to the disposer by unplugging the unit. He then shut off the power to the kitchen using the fuse box to verify that he would be able to keep all of his fingers. After removing pieces of a plastic spoon that had become lodged, the technician was unable to get the motor functioning again. He was able to locate the reset button on the bottom of the unit, although it was particularly well-hidden. After pushing the button, he plugged the unit back in, connected power and pushed the button. The technician was then able to turn on the garbage disposer to ensure it was functioning properly.

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