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Garbage Disposers

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Job Type: Garbage Disposers | Job Location: Massachusetts Ave., 90025
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Customer Symptoms:

A client came to us and claimed that her garbage disposer would not turn on. Rather than stick her hand down the drain, she decided to call on our technicians instead.


Our technician met with the client who described the problem. The technician asked if the garbage disposer was making any noise at all, and the client replied that there was no humming sound whatsoever. The technician determined that the problem was electrical.


In order to rule out an obvious cause of having no power, the technician made sure that the disposer was plugged in and pressed the reset button on the bottom. After this failed, the technician determined that the disposer may have tripped the breaker. The technician was able to reset the circuit breaker and test the garbage disposer to ensure that it was functioning properly. The client thanked the technician for checking the simple causes of a malfunctioning garbage disposer before deciding to completely replace it.

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