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Job Type: Gardens & Outdoors | Job Location: Oakwood Ave., 90004
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner contacted us after installing a water garden on her property. She noticed that the water was not circulating and that bacteria was beginning to grow.


The technician met with the homeowner and surveyed her outdoor garden. Before beginning the job, he made sure that the pump and attachments were functioning properly.


After testing the electricity to the pump, he noticed a significant amount of leaves and debris at the bottom of the water garden. While the pump was continuing to run, he believed that it may have gotten clogged with leaves so that the water was unable to circulate. The technician shut off the pump, took it out of the water, removed the cover and confirmed that it was backed up. He picked out the small leaves, replaced the cover and set the pump back in the water before restoring power to the unit. He remained at the residence to ensure that the water would continue to circulate correctly without further complications.

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