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Job Type: Gardens & Outdoors | Job Location: Brockhaven Ave., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a client who was concerned about the excessive amount of water that was accumulating in her garden. She was very distraught because she felt like there was nothing she could do to help the problem.


We met the customer at her home, a simple cottage that happened to sit at the bottom of the hill. Our technician could tell right away that the excess water was due to a recent rainfall that had run downhill and pooled in her garden.


Had the amount of water been small, the technician may have attempted to eliminate it completely. However, the technician noticed that while he could remove the water today, another rainfall would leave the client in a similar situation. Fortunately, he discussed with her ways that she could harness this extra water by planting water-loving flowers or by building a boardwalk or raised path through the garden. The technician explained that he would be able to create a pond in the wet area and sculpt the land to harness the continuous supply of water by installing a network of drains, pipes and pumps to ensure a constant and even flow of water -- an idea to which the client enthusiastically agreed. The technician was then able to treat this meeting as a consultative call and scheduled another appointment to complete the pond.

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