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Gas Leak

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Job Type: Emergency Plumber | Job Location: Ivory Ave., 92551
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Customer Symptoms:

A business owner who was working late in his office called us after he started to notice foul smelling gas in his building. He was concerned about possible health and safety hazards to the facility and was unsure what was causing the odor.


We dispatched a technician to his property immediately, even though the call came after normal working business hours. Our technician knew from the call that there could potentially be a gas leak somewhere in the building and, if not found and fixed, could lead to an explosion or other serious damages.


The technician arrived at the building and immediately noticed the smell that the business owned had described. The technician determined that there was, in fact, a leak at the property and had asked if the owner had any appliances that would use gas. He found that the small kitchen for employees had a gas stove so he began his inspection there. He used soap and rubbed it around the pipe while the stove was off and noticed that the soap began to form small bubbles, indicating a leak. The technician was able to repair the pipe that led to the stove and told the owner to follow up in the morning should the smell persist.

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