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Gas Line Installation

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Job Type: Gas Line Installation | Job Location: Hampton Ave., 90046
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Customer Symptoms:

A landlord was contacted by a resident who was concerned that he was smelling gas beside his home where he parked his car. He had been noticing it for four days before he contacted the landlord.


Since the tenant claimed that the fumes were only outside the building, the technician determined that the problem most likely lay in the underground pipes that were running next to the building.


Before beginning, the technician shut off the gas valve to the home and spoke to both the tenant and landlord that, should the situation happen again, that the valve should be turned off immediately to prevent gases from exploding. He noticed that one flowerbed under a window was rotting quicker than surrounding vegetation, so he dug a hole into the ground to insert a camera and verify a leaking pipe. Fortunately, the leak was close to the hole that was already dug into the ground, so the technician was able to repair it and fill in the dirt.

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