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Gas Line Installation

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Job Type: Gas Line Installation | Job Location: Wilcox Ave., 90028
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner contacted us with a report that her hot water, while working earlier that morning while she showered, was no longer at the proper temperature.


Since the hot water was recently functioning, the technician assumed that the pilot light went out and needed to be relit, and he wanted to rule out any smaller, less expensive causes of poor water temperature before assuming a larger, more complex job was needed.


After surveying the home, the technician found that the pilot light was, in fact, out. Although he fixed it, there was still no hot water in the home. Our technician used a camera in the pipes leading to the hot water heater and noted heavy corrosion and rust in the area. Rather than attempt to repair already-damaged pipes, the technician discussed the option of a new gas line installation with the homeowner. She made an appointment for the technician to come out later in the week to complete the job.

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