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Gas Line Installation

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Job Type: Gas Line Installation | Job Location: Wellworth Ave., 90024
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Customer Symptoms:

We received an urgent call from a homeowner who smelled gas as she was watering her garden. We responded quickly and sent a technician to assess the problem.


The technician explained the customer that while gas is typically odorless, companies add a sulfur smell so that leaks can be detected easily and quickly. The customer explained that as she was taking care of her property, she continued to smell gas outside.


Our technician explained the importance of immediately shutting off the gas valve should the situation arise again in the future. The technician believed that there was a leak in a pipe that was causing the strong smell. After surveying the home and the property, the technician noticed that the vegetation in one area of her garden was deteriorating and discolored. He used this is as a starting point to detect the leak and dug a hole to insert a camera to assess the situation. The technician determined that the gas pipes were eroding, causing the leaks, and that the pipes were beyond repair. He was able to successfully install a new gas line to the home using the current track of the pipe.

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