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Gas Line Repair

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Job Type: Gas Line Repair | Job Location: Westwood Blvd., 90024
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a homeowner attempting to cook dinner for her family. She was suddenly unable to use her gas stove, and she couldn’t figure out why when she had used it earlier that day.


We wanted to make sure that the customer’s gas lines were working properly so as to prevent any gas explosions or leaks from occurring. We needed to make sure that her current gas line system was continuing to meet safety specifications so that she or her family were not injured.


We determined that there was, in fact, a gas leak in her home that was not allowing her to properly use her stove. We shut off the gas line at the main line and showed the homeowner how to do so herself should she be faced with a similar situation again. Our technician was able to locate the leak by digging to find the gas line and using an inline camera to detect the source of the problem. He was able to repair the pipe and pressure test it to ensure that the problem was solve. He filled in the trench and restored her property to its previous state.

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