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Installation (Earthquake Valves)

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Job Type: Installation (Earthquake Valves) | Job Location: Market St., 92501
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Customer Symptoms:

A landlord called us to state that his earthquake valves were not complaint with his insurance company and that he needed a different model to be installed at the building.


We receive numerous calls from homeowners stating that insurance companies request earthquake valves to be installed on the property so we were able to dispatch a trained technician to perform the job.


The landlord previously had an excess flow valve installed at the building. Instead, the insurance company required a motion-sensing caged ball that would drop the ball into the gas pipe and stop gas flow in the event of seismic activity. The technician made sure that the gas lines were turned off to the building before removing the excess flow valve. He installed the new earthquake valve as close to the gas meter as possible. He explained that the farther out the valve is from the meter, the more chance there is of the unit malfunctioning. The landlord was happy with the quick and efficient installation.

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