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Installation (Earthquake Valves)

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Job Type: Installation (Earthquake Valves) | Job Location: Appleton Way, 90066
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner contacted us after his insurance company informed him that his newly-purchased home must be equipped with an earthquake valve for security purposes.


The homeowner had just moved to the area and was unfamiliar with the devices. He did not know how to go about installing an earthquake valve and did not understand the difference in the available valves.


Our technician explained that the homeowner could choose between an excess flow valve and a motion-sensing caged ball. The technician informed the homeowner that the excess flow sensor may not operate if a smaller leak is present as it only closes when the flow exceeds a certain amount. Instead, the homeowner opted for a motion-sensing ball that falls off the ring and into the pipe when seismic activity is detected. The technician first shut off the gas to the home and was able to successfully install the valve as close as possible to the gas meter to ensure that it would function properly during an earthquake.

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