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Installation of Gas Line

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Job Type: Installation of Gas Line | Job Location: Oak St., 90405
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Customer Symptoms:

A business owner called to report that his company was not able to have hot water at his location. He was unsure of the cause, as the hot water had been working the previous day.


The technician met the owner to discuss the possible causes of the hot water malfunctioning. After ruling out leaking pipes, the technician determined that the gas line was either clogged or needed to be repaired.


Our technician used an inline camera to detect the source of the issue and found that both the pilot light needed to be relit and that the gas line required replacement. He explained to the customer that over time, the gas lines can become corroded and worn, thus negatively affecting the ability to provide hot water. While the customer was surprised that the technician needed to install a new gas line, he was relieved that we were able to solve the problem before a serious gas leak occurred.

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