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Kitchen & Baths

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Job Type: Kitchen & Baths | Job Location: Clemson St., 90016
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Customer Symptoms:

An excited homeowner called us to see if we would install a new bathtub in her home. They had recently decided to remodel the bathroom and had chosen a new tub for installation.


We sent a technician to her home to verify that her selection for a new tub was an exact fit into the same space. Had it not been, our technician would have needed to modify the piping for the new tub.


The homeowner’s husband had successfully removed the old tub, but he had been called out of town for work for one week. The homeowner did not want to wait to have the new tub installed, so our technician measured and marked the location of the ledger and attached the ledger board. He then dry fit the water supply and drain pipes and installed a rubber gasket. After applying plumber’s putty around the flange, he was able to attach the drain to the bathtub and connect to the stopper mechanism to the stopper fit. He lifted the bathtub into place and then successfully inserted the water pipe and drain assembly directly into the drain and secured the tub in place by nailing the flange to the wall studs.

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