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Job Type: Kitchen & Baths | Job Location: Overland Ave., 90064
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a customer stating that she believed her drain trap was clogged because her kitchen sink was not allowing water to flow through. She wanted to know if it could be repaired or if she would need a new drain trap.


We examined the sink and determined that the metal had corroded and that the slip-nut threads were damaged. The technician determined that he would need to replace the sink trap in order to restore proper water flow.


The technician removed the cleanout plug on the curved section of the pipe with a wrench and allowed the water in the trap to drain to a bucket. He removed the worn slip-nuts and replaced them with new ones by lining them up on the appropriate section of the pipe and tightened the bolts slightly. He tested the water trap by running water into the new trap to check for leaks and to fill it with water to protect against sewer gases.

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