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Kitchen Sink Constantly Leaking

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Job Type: Kitchen Sink & Faucet | Job Location: Urban Ave, Santa Monica, 90404
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Customer Symptoms:

A homeowner contacted us to let us know that their kitchen sink was constantly leaking. The homeowner tried tightening the faucet, but the steady leak drip persisted. The homeowner called us to let us know about the noise being an issue and was worried about the water bill as the leak was constant.


Our technician went to the home to investigate the faucet and noticed several issues. Although the faucet was relatively new, a few parts were in poor condition and which was likely the cause of the leak. The O-ring was worn out, the aerator was clogged, and the washer was in poor condition.


Our plumber had all the replacement parts in the tool, and the homeowner quickly gave his consent to replace the worn-out parts. The technician unscrewed the faucet and the remaining components and swapped out the parts that were no longer functional. The aerator was clogged with mineral deposits that had built up over time. In addition, the washer between the faucet and spout had worn out and was the incorrect size. Due to being too large, the friction between the washer and faucet caused the washer to wear out. Once all the parts were replaced, the leak was gone, and the homeowner let us know that he would report to us if it would come back.

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