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Leak Detection

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Job Type: Leak Detection | Job Location: Ormond Ln., 90278
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Customer Symptoms:

We received a call from a business owner that she and her employees continuously hear water running, yet they were unable to figure out from where it was coming.


We sent a technician to the property with the intention of locating the leak. He first had to determine whether it was indoors or outdoors, and he checked the water meter to verify that the leak indicator was moving.


The technician warned the business owner that he would need to shut off the water supply to the business while he figured out the source of the leak. After it was turned off, the water meter stopped moving, so the technician knew the leak was inside the business. After checking all faucets and sinks, the technician found a leaking faucet in the utility closet that needed to have a washer replaced. After installing a new washer, the technician turned the water supply on and verified that the leak was no longer existent.

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