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Leak Detection

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Job Type: Leak Detection | Job Location: Location: Santa Monica Blvd., Santa Monica, 90401
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Customer Symptoms:

A customer informed us that she had noticed that the soil in her garden was wet, but she had not watered the area nor had her area received any rain in over a week. She was concerned how the area had gotten soaked and worried about the effect of the excess water on her garden.


After surveying the situation and talking with the customer, we determined that she more than likely was suffering from a leaking underground pipe. We had noticed not only wet soil but also warm spots on some slabs of concrete she had on a patio beside the house.


Our technician drilled a hole into the ground and used an in-line video camera, an amplifier and a microphone to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Once we found the problem area, we were able to repair the pipe and fill the hole with minimal disruption to the customer’s property. The customer was initially concerned because she did not want her yard destroyed, but thanked us after the job was completed and saw how minimal the process truly was.

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