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Loose Pipe In a New Home

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Job Type: Water Drainage | Job Location: Marina Pacifica Dr. N., 90803
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Customer Symptoms:

A client contacted us with concerns that water was leaking into his basement. He had just purchased the home so he was less than enthused about the fact that a home inspection did not catch this problem.


We dispatched a technician to the residence to check the client’s current water drainage system. The technician found that a pipe was leaking and inadvertently diverting water down a wall and onto the basement floor.


Upon further examination, the technician saw that the pipe in question was not fully connected to the pipe leading up and out of the basement. Instead, where the pipe met the wall, the water would drain out the bottom rather than being pushed through the drainage system. The technician turned off the water supply to the home and was able to successfully tighten the pipes together to ensure that water would flow consistently through the system without diverting down the wall of the basement. The technician turned the water supply back on and verified that there were no more water drainage leaks before leaving the residence.

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